Hi there, thanks for stopping by.
With so much out there I'm surprised you made it.
This is my portfolio site and here there's some of the work I've done for the past few years.
People in advertising sometimes call it a "book" but I didn't want to lie to you.

I've been a little nerdy since 1979, by 1997 I thought I was ready to make that into a profession. So I did.

Brazil is where I'm from but I'm not the best dancer and I know very little about soccer,
even if I occasionally lead people to believe otherwise.

I lived here, here, here, here and now I live here.
I worked at many different places, met a lot of good people.
I'm a fan of all things visual, specially the ones telling great stories.
I also love music, movies, books, food, places and people. In that order.

Not superstitious but I am really lucky.
"Clio-D&AD-One Show-NY Festival-FIAP-Obie-Colunistas-FITC-AICP-Webby-LIA-Cannes-and-more" lucky. It's not mega-millions lottery lucky, but my parents are kind of proud so I guess I'll keep trying.

Sometimes I share some of what I think, read or see in 140 characters or less and of course, like you, I also check my email a million times a day.